Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bracelet of the Week - Berry by VikisBeadingTutorial

Berry bracelet pattern

Another day beading is a day well-spent. I feel the same about sewing. And reading and writing. But as you know, I get sidetracked by anything shiny and pretty. I blame Pinterest. I really do. Creativity is a good thing though. It keeps me steady and lets off steam. When I'm stressed, you can find me playing with my beads. Weird, I know, but love me the way I am, ok? ;)

When I was shopping on Etsy, I fell in love with this bracelet pattern by VikisBeadingTutorial and...I splurged. See, I told myself I wouldn't buy any more beading supplies and patterns until I had made more from the stacks of patterns I have on Pinterest. Apparently I listen to myself as well as my kids do. Hahaha, at least I know where they get it, right?

This one is called Berry. Super easy to make and quick to put together, this one is a winner. At $6 for the PDF file with the only stipulation being you can't mass produce these for sale, I this is one of my favorite shops and I will definitely purchase more from her. She breaks everything down and does a great job explaining the steps - great for beginners like me!

Happy Beading!