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A Year of Book Marketing ~ Book Tour

A Year of Book Marketing by Heather Hart
by Heather Hart

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, there was an author. This author was a world-class, bestselling genius and all that blessed author had to do was write his stories. Publishing houses were offering him contract upon contract. Adoring fans were beating down his doors, demanding the next book of his series.

And then he woke up and realized times have changed.
No longer was it possible for him to stay at home and never, ever market his own books.

No. Things were much, much different. Now, all of a sudden, there were thousands upon thousands of new authors, clamoring for attention that had been given him. He asked himself, "How could something like this happen? I was once King of the World!" But he had to face facts.

The king of the world had been dethroned. Why?

Because of books like A Year of Book Marketing by Heather Hart had taken and shown the not-so-well-known authors how to market their books.
And they were thriving.

Are you an author? Do you find yourself struggling in the murky marketing water? Or do you get overwhelmed by all the things you could, and probably *should* be doing to market your book?

Well, grab hold of your eReaders, because there's a new book on the market to help you hone your marketing abilities. If they're non-existent, no worries. If you're a marketing pro, great ~ why not refresh yourself with this delightful book?

A Year of Book Marketing, available at as well as Smashwords to fit every eReader

Book Marketing Tips for you to Try 
by Heather Hart

Become established in your niche: If you really want to sell books, becoming a “go to” person in your niche is a great place to start.  Becoming known as someone who writes great novels, or knows a ton about fly fishing will help readers feel more comfortable purchasing your books. Ways to establish yourself could be through book reviews, blogging regularly, or getting endorsements from other high profile people.   

Use keywords: Make your marketing count by using keywords that will help it rank higher in searches. It’s simple enough if you know what you are doing. You can spend a little bit of time researching your niche to find popular keywords and phrases and it will really pay off in the long run.

Build trust: Don’t post and run, but instead, make yourself available to your readers. Respond to comments and e-mails. Be open and honest – be real. 

Put in the time: It takes time to market your book. You won’t start seeing crazy sales over night, and you won’t ever successfully market your book if you don’t put time into building your following, learning your niche (to become an expert), building trust, and learning how to use things like keywords to your advantage. Put in the time to learn and apply some marketing tactics and then keep at it until you see success.

Generate traffic: Even if you do all of the above, you can’t successfully market your book if your website has no traffic. Taking the time to build a following, but also to continue to grow your sphere of influence will help you gain more exposure and do better overall.

Following the above tips won’t necessarily guarantee your book becomes a bestseller, but it will help you market your book more successfully. I hope you find them useful on your marketing journey. If you’d like even more tips, consider checking out my newest book, “A Year of Book Marketing.” Besides including general book marketing information, it provides a daily reading to help you market your book each and every day. You can learn more about it at:

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Helping other authors since 2009, Heather Hart is the author of “Book Marketing 101” among other titles. She lives in Texas with her husband, Paul, where she fills her days caring for their four young children, typing away on her computer, and brainstorming new marketing ideas. Heather works as a liaison, author, and authors assistant whose desire is to glorify Christ through her work and to help other authors do the same.

If you're looking for even more help marketing your books, check out "Book Marketing Success" where Shelley Hitz and Heather Hart work together to give authors inside access to marketing their books on a shoestring budget.

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