Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Nightmare City by Andrew Klavan - Book Review

Nightmare City by Andrew Klavan

About the Book:
As a reporter for his high school newspaper, Tom Harding was tracking the best story of his life—when, suddenly, his life turned very, very weird. He woke up one morning to find his house empty . . . his street empty . . . his whole town empty . . . empty except for an eerie, creeping fog—and whatever creatures were slowly moving toward him through the fog.

Now Tom’s once-ordinary world has become something out of a horror movie. How did it happen? Is it real? Is he dreaming? Has there been a zombie apocalypse? Has he died and gone to hell?

Tom is a good reporter—he knows how to look for answers—but no one has ever covered a story like this before. With the fog closing in and the hungry creatures of the fog surrounding him, he has only a few hours to find out how he lost the world he knew. In this bizarre universe nothing is what it seems and everything—including Tom’s life—hangs in the balance.

My Thoughts:
When I fist started this book, I thought it was just another zombie novel. Not my favorite genre. I'm happy to be wrong.

Mr. Klavan writes in a fast-paced way that kept me wondering what was really going on. I kept asking questions. I wanted to shout at the main character, and there were times I wanted to shake him. I won't tell you why, or I'd have to warn you about spoilers. Taking an incident in the story, Mr. Klavan jumps right in with twists and turns and keeps you guessing where he's taking you. He writes from the other side with clear attention to details, emotions, and circumstances that I would have never even considered. This book, although fiction, did make me wonder if things like this were possible. Who's to know? Making sense out of nothing that makes sense without leaving any glaring plot-holes, Mr. Klavan brings his readers to a satisfying conclusion. 

This was a clean read with nothing objectionable. No swearing or groping, in short, nothing inappropriate.

*My thanks to Thomas Nelson publishers for providing me a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. I was not required they be positive.