Friday, July 25, 2014

Life Keeps Stomping On

College starts in August. August 25th, to be exact. And then, there's high school for our remaining child. 10th grade. Where did the time go?! I hear it speeds up the older you get, but sheesh, this is ridiculous! How are these kids growing older when I'm positive I'm not? Yeah, yeah. I'm in denial. I admit it.

The closer I get to an empty nest, I realize I'm going to need help. I need something to keep my mind busy and occupied, so I've signed up with AVON to become an Independent Sales rep. It's my goal to help both kids with college and other schooling costs and expenses. And not go crazy when the kids are gone!

If you or someone you know doesn't have an AVON rep, would you please consider me? You can sign up to receive eBrochures and Newsletters, and you can order right from my online store anywhere in the U.S. It's easy and they have a hassle free return guarantee! Booyah, right?!

Avon Planet Spa 

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