Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pants. The Forgotten Wardrobe Item

Next week is Christmas. I mean Christmas! And, although I am finished with my shopping per-say, I have been going out a little here and there getting together with friends and buying a few what-nots.
With this shopping season, I'm rather dismayed and, well, shocked at how many women, young and old, large and thin, that have apparently forgotten their pants.

In fact, cuddly hubby and I went to one store in a ritzy part of town yesterday, (I love date-day), and we couldn't help ourselves.We stared, gawked, and then laughed uncontrollably. A woman of average height and not so lean of frame, walked in front of our car (pedestrians have the right of way) and we could see through the opaque tights she had donned that morning. 

Yes folks, you read that right. We could see the, um, dimples, all the way to where her tiny coat met her not tiny waist, and I couldn't help but wonder something. Is this really how women today want to look? Do they actually stand in front of their mirrors and say, "Yes ma'am, you're looking hot today!" and then rush out to show off their wares to the unsuspecting and uninterested masses? 

And, more importantly, 

Is it appropriate to tell these people that they forgot their pants? Or, out of politeness, do you not say a word and hope your stomach remains under control and you don't vomit in front of mankind?

I realize this is a snarky post, but seriously, what is going on in today's woman's mind? Have we women been so trained that we feel we will not get attention unless we showcase our wares, whether we are in shape or not? Have we swapped comfort for dignity and lessened our own quality in the process? 

This is entirely my opinion, and you may do with it what you will. You're not obligated to agree one bit. There once was a time when we women went out into public looking nice and proud of ourselves. Our hair was done, our makeup was on, and we made sure we looked good. I never thought I would miss the days when jogging pants or pajama bottoms were worn out. 

But at least they were more modest and covered the pertinent parts of the body. 
If this trend continues and I keep being treated to dimples and muffin tops hanging out in the most disgusting places, I'm going to need therapy. 

I can only imagine what the men are thinking.

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