Saturday, November 16, 2013

Why I Will NEVER Buy Another Husqvarna Sewing Machine

**This is posted as a review on the Husqvarna Viking Topaz 30 Embroidering/Sewing Machine. These thoughts are from my vast experiences with the worst sewing machine I've ever used. Consider yourself warned.**

We bought this machine as soon as it came out. Yes. We were led astray by the name and once superior quality of Husqvarna. We have learned from our mistakes. Since purchase we've had nothing but trouble.
Here are a few of the issues we've had: 

- The thread hops out of the rocker arm. Their response? Buy Sulky thread. (Excuse me, but we just paid $3500.00 for this machine and you're telling me it won't use other brands of embroidery thread? Gee, why weren't we told that before we wasted our hard-earned money?)

- The machine won't run designs previously stitched. The only thing I can think of to blame this part on, is Gremlins.

- The embroidery unit makes one of most awful sounds ever. (Our son says it sounds like a machine gun.) Their response? Make sure it's on a level surface and adjust the legs of the unit. No paper should be able to pass under the legs. My response? Been there. Done that. Nothing could squeeze between the large, spacious desk it's sitting on and the legs of the machine. Yet, the machine gun still goes off every time it's connected. 

- The machine completely stops with main machine overloads with easy, simple stitching. And yes, this has happened even while NOT doing embroidery. It is scary how often this goes on.

- I've tried to run out a design from a reputable embroidery site that I've purchased from before. The machine calibrates, (machine gun goes off) I add the hoop, and press start to run the design...all it does is beep. I pick a new design, same thing. Repeat these steps four more times to get the full effect of the lunacy I'm having to endure. I call the place where we bought it. Their response? Let us look at it. If we can't fix it, we'll send it out. I said, you can't fix it. She said: Maybe it'll work once it's up here. What?! If we paid $3500.00 for a machine, that thing better work *awesome* EVERY time I turn it on and want to use it!

- Today, I made the mistake of thinking I could use my machine and finish the dress I was making. I thought my machine was reliable enough to run a straight stitch. No such luck. But, it did have a main machine overload, leave a gigantic bird's nest under the fabric, and a pretty awesome HOLE in the shoulder of my new dress. I've always wanted to wear a one-sleeved dress. NOT.

*As of this posting, 11-16-13, I just got off the phone with the dealer again, and here are my options: 
 - pay to have it serviced (which I will do and have no trouble or issues with.)
 - trade up for the Topaz 50 @ $4399 or the Designer Diamond @ a whopping $10,999 (both these prices are without the trade in value for my little piece of Hades.)

OH GOODY! SIGN ME UP QUICK, right?! Look. I may have been born at night, but it wasn't last night. Not. Happening.

A few weeks after purchase told me what a horrible mistake we'd made. My husband bought me the machine as an early Christmas present, and I had no desire to tell him it was a lemon. Yet I did. Their response? Let us send it out. Maybe it just needs a cleaning. It came back in the same irritating condition. Hubby and I took it back. We asked for a swap because there is something seriously wrong with this machine. Their response? Let us send it out again and have it looked at. It returns and nothing is fixed. 

In conclusion, this sewing machine is Satan's toy and their customer service will send you to the looney-bin. 

Now, after the warranty is up, after they've 'fixed' it repeatedly, or at least said they did, (it always returns in the same condition. Yeah. Thanks for fixing it. By the way, did you know gas is almost $4 a gallon and I have to drive at least 35 miles to get to the dealer? Yeah. Thanks for that too, you horrible horrible person.) I am stuck with this pile of doggy-doo that isn't worth the headaches it has given us. I'm stuck with this. I would not even feel right selling this machine on Craigslist because I'd be afraid the buyer would hunt me down and beat me to death after they've tried to use it.

What do I want from this post?
My dream come true would be for Husqvarna to buy this garbage back. Will it happen? Absolutely not. So, this is what I'm planning to do ~ 

1. I will post my negative experiences with their product on *every* website I own or guest post at.
2. I will post my sordid story in the multiple online magazines I'm a contributor to
3. I will tweet my experiences with husqvarna and their lack of quality and customer service
4. I will leave negative reviews on *absolutely every* sewing forum I'm a member of
5. I will write the Husqvarna designer topaz 30 into my next novel series as being of low quality and not stood behind where the heroine runs it over repeatedly with a Mack truck. While laughing like a lunatic.
6. I will post to my Facebook walls (walls, as I have several. One personal, one as business, and one as my author fan page)
7. I *may* write a Kindle single on the series of unfortunate events that have occurred after our purchase of this Gremlin infested, low quality, highly over-priced piece of workmanship. 

**September 2014 update:
I was so disappointed. I was having trouble with my machine again so I took it to the shop. My plan was to have it serviced to the hilt, cleaned, etc, and then sell it on Craigslist. Yes. I was prepared to take a killing on this machine. There were so many different reasons why, and if you read this post, you know many of them. 

I took this in before Christmas and really wasn't in a hurry to get it back. They asked what was wrong with it, and, trying to control my tongue and not be a jerk, I just sighed and said it has been giving me trouble since the day I got it. Their reaction? Rudeness. Nastiness. They acted like I was an idiot. Their favorite question? If you've been having trouble with this, why haven't you brought it in before now?

Oh. No you didn't just go there. End of my trying to be polite. Their ugly attitude brought it on themselves, and suffice it to say, they shut up, wrote the ticket up, checked their records to see how many times I've had it in the shop, (weird fact here. All records were lost. Hmm. Interesting coincidence or conspiracy? I go for the conspiracy. And when they told me they had no records, I, rather smugly, told them that I kept meticulous records of how often it had been in the shop, and would they like me to bring them in when I picked it up? They declined. Uh huh. Yeah. I thought so...) they sent it off to be tampered with. Again.

Well, after a long, long, long delay in using this machine - I simply didn't think I wanted a headache, nor did I think I could heft it over the windowsill and throw it with any force - I used it last night. It worked like a charm. No issues whatsoever. No bunching, no thread jumping, no machine overload, no stopping, nothing. It. Ran. Perfect.

Gee, so all I had to do was own it for years, complain every single time I took it back, be treated like garbage, have the workers act like they hate dealing with customers, have the workers act like they're God's closest relative and I'm the biggest idiot they've ever dealt with, and finally, finally, have it fixed. But I have only used it once since I got it back. Maybe I shouldn't hold my breath yet. 

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