Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Every Hill and Mountain ~ Book Review

Every Hill and Mountain

About the Book:

Visiting another century…not the summer vacation she had planned.

“Time-surfing is better than actually being there,” Abby explained. “It’s like reading a good book, where you know everything the characters are thinking and feeling. And if you miss something, you can always rewind their lives.”

Since the program worked so well for the Old Dears’ family tree project, Abby’s college roommate Kate hopes it will help her find out more about her ancestor Ned Greenfield. And Kate’s fiancĂ© Ryan thinks the program has lucrative commercial potential. 

Abby and John reluctantly agree to help Kate, but only on the condition that she and Ryan promise to keep the program a secret, because if it fell into the wrong hands…well, no one wants Big Brother invading their privacy.

My Thoughts:
Get ready for an interesting and informative Historical ride, 
back to the Pre-Civil War era. 
Ms. heal did a very good job in blending the present with the past. She even piqued my curiosity enough that I did a little research on my own after I was finished with the book. This is the first historical fiction novel to make me want to dig a little deeper to see if something that was written was fact or fiction. Kudos to you, Ms. Heal, for that!

While the book was clean and the characters were upstanding Christians, this does have a fine theme of more adult situations toward the end. Because of this, I'd recommend this for 16+ teens and older.
I would add this to my list of homeschool books to read for this particular era.

*My thanks to the author for sending me a complimentary copy in exchange for my honest opinion. These thoughts are my own and I was not required they be good.*

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