Tuesday, April 30, 2013

So far...

...this year I have read at least 12 books. I've posted them in the widget below.

I know. Compared to some of you, that's not very many. But, add these books to my already overstuffed schedule (teaching, teaching karate, doing karate, raquetball, baseball, softball, children's clubs, conferences, graduation, etc,) I'm sure you'll allow me the indulgence of feeling like I've accomplished something! ~8^P

Being a writer, I feel it's of the utmost importance to be a reader. When I read, I'm learning how to better craft stories for my own readers. No, I don't take other author's words and use them, I learn how to better express character nuances, how to show rather than tell, and even how not to structure sentences and scenes.

Yes. There have been those that I didn't really care for. Books I've had to force myself to get through.

No. You won't find a review from me about the books I didn't care for. Why? Because I was taught that if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything. Plus, being a writer myself, I look at those books as priceless learning opportunities...on what not to do.

I wanted to share my list of books I've read so far this year.
Some of these I liked better than others. Some will make it onto my favorites of 2013 list.

Have you read any? Did you like them? Come on, let's share our thoughts. Leave a comment! 

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