Sunday, November 17, 2013

Psalm 30 free mp3 AudioBible Chapter KJV

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  1. Thank for your post I bought the Topaz 50 had sent it in 4 times at $175 each time . same experience as you it not right and rude . I have a baby lock I love it and buy the way the guy had the nerve to tell me I did not know how to run my machine . lol told twice because the truth is they can not fix it so blame it on me . I have a business and have no time for this Bull crap . If your smart never by these machines there crap . Everything you have said has happened to me and yes they want you to trade it in so they can get more of your money . Listen to this lady she knows what she is talking about I spent close to $5,000 and hardly used it in 5 years .