Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Crazy Excited and a Question to Readers

Oh goodness, I'm so crazy excited! 

It's super possible that if I work hard this week, I will be able to finish my newest Christian romance novel, Little Things! SQUEEEE! In the sidebar, you'll see my word count progress bar. It currently says 78,000 words out of 90,000 and yes, I probably won't hit that many words. But here's the scoop. It had been my plan from the beginning of this novel to write a 55,000 word count book. Why, you ask? Because I wanted to see if I could do it. The answer is no, lol. But, over this past weekend, I was able to read the rough draft all the way through, and there are only a few things that I need to add. I am SO EXCITED!

Ok, changing the subject. Quick question

  • What are your thoughts as a reader on an author using a pseudonym? 
  • Do you feel lied to? 
  • Do you think the author doesn't feel they've written a good book or isn't standing behing their book? 
  • Do you dislike them in general, or does it matter to you at all?

I'm thinking of writing under one. My husband doesn't agree. He thinks I should just use the name I'm already using. I'd really love to hear your thoughts, so please. Join in the discussion!

Little Things book cover mock up1Little Things book cover mock up4Little Things book cover mock up2Little Things book cover mock up3

Little Things book cover mock up5

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