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Merlin's Blade by Robert Treskillard

Merlin's Blade

About the Book:

When a meteorite crashes near a small village in fifth-century Britain, it brings with it a mysterious black stone that bewitches anyone who comes in contact with its glow---a power the druids hope to use to destroy King Uthur’s kingdom, as well as the new Christian faith. The only person who seems immune is a young, shy, half-blind swordsmith’s son named Merlin.
As his family, village, and even the young Arthur, are placed in danger, Merlin must face his fears and his blindness to take hold of the role God ordained for him. But when he is surrounded by adversaries, armed only by a sword he’s named Excalibur, how will he save the girl he cherishes and rid Britain of this deadly evil ... without losing his life?
Book includes location map and detailed character index.

My Thoughts:
King Arthur. Sir Lancelot, Lady Guinevere.
But what came before them all?

It was with great anticipation I jumped into this book and I barely looked up until it was finished. This is a masterful, thrilling fantasy story that gives us a glimpse on how it all could have started.

During the infancy of Briton, unseen forces are set in battle array; fighting for religious dominance of that great country. Druids and monks, evil fighting against the good, the physically blinded against the spiritually blinded is the overall plot,

The story starts in the year 477 with the innocent Merlin and Garth - as things spiral out of control, the readers watch in horror as neighbors - once friends - become the deepest of enemies, all because of the mysterious Stone the Druids want the people to swear fealty to. How is it possible this stone wields such power over the people? Can anything break this power and take away the poison leaching into their hearts? When Merlin encounters the demonic stone, he knows right away it's not right. Trying his best to warn the people, he must learn that there is only One who can destroy the power of the stone and it's up to him to trust God's guiding hand and to obey.

As I am not the biggest fan nor the most learned of people in regards to Arthurian legend/folklore, I found the fascinating pronunciation guide and glossary the author included an indispensable resource I referred to on many occasions.

Mr. Treskillard writes an exciting beginning that will firmly hook his readers and urge them to read the next two books in the series. I liked The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. I LOVED Merlin's Blade.

Amanda Stephan~Christian Author
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