Friday, May 30, 2014

All My Belongings by Cynthia Ruchti

About the book: A new life and a new identity can't protect Becca from a past that refuses to go away.
All My BelongingsAfter spending years running from the shame her father put on her family, Jayne is determined not to let him steal her future in the same way he stole her childhood. Changing her name to Becca Morrow, she moves to California and settles into a new life and new job caring for ailing mother of handsome young businessman, Isaac Hughes.

But just as she's wondering if she and Isaac are headed for a relationship, Becca's patient passes away under unusual circumstances. Suddenly, her past catches up with her and the unnerving details of her heritage threaten to destroy all sense of home and all hope for love.

Even if she could clear her name, a phone call wraps a suffocating shroud around her heart. Her estranged father needs her help. But can Becca open her new life to the man who ruined her past?

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Cynthia Ruchti About the author: Cynthia Ruchti has more than three decades of radio broadcast experience with "Heartbeat of the Home" radio and currently serves as Professional Relations Liaison for American Christian Fiction Writers.

Cynthia can be found at: website, Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads
My Thoughts: 
I've never been one to lie or hide the truth. I simply can't do it. But what if I had to? What if I were the daughter of an infamous person that I couldn't bear to be compared to - that wouldn't be fair to be compared to? I might be tempted to do the same thing Becca Morrow did.

Changing her name didn't seem like it would be that much of a big deal. Change it legally and people couldn't - nay, wouldn't - lump you with your Kevorkian-like father. But, sd Sir Walter Scott said so eloquently, "oh what a tangle web we weave, when we first practice to deceive." And things can't help but unravel for poor Becca.

I very very much enjoyed this novel. There were some hard-hitting questions of morality, forgiveness, making rash judgments because of someone's family connections that really make you stop and consider how you yourself treat others in hard situations. Things that make you question if you could do the same as Becca. Or would you be more like Isaac and Geneva? Or Tony? This is a read slowly type of book. One that will give you plenty of things to pause and reflect on as you turn the pages.

*My thanks to the publisher for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinions. I was not required they be positive.*

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