Thursday, January 8, 2015

Dead Gorgeous - Book Review & Tour

About the Book:
Dead Gorgeous by Elizabeth FlynnFashion model Kirsty Manners is young, beautiful, and recently dead.

Kirsty Manners is trying to make it as a model. As the in-house model for the Ivano King fashion house and girlfriend of Ian King, the man behind the label, she believes she is well on her way. But Kirsty is found dead in her flat one Sunday afternoon and D. I. Angela Costello is called to the scene.

First enquiries center on the local gym where Kirsty, her dangerous ex-boyfriend, Darren Carpenter, and her jealous flatmate, Sandra Hodges, worked out. But things are more complicated. Ian King is considered to have lost his edge. Why then is he so buoyant about his latest collection for London Fashion Week? What about his new girlfriend, Eleanor Chandler, who openly admits to having a reason to wish Kirsty dead?

Behind the gleaming smiles and flawless makeup of the glamorous fashion world, Angela’s enquiries uncover theft, drug-addiction, prostitution, and imprisonment—and suddenly her own life could be in danger.

My Thoughts:
I admit it, this book has taken me way too long to read. I'd pick it up, read a few lines, maybe a chapter here and there, but it was sporadic at best. I hate reading like that. I always have a difficult time getting back into the story. Ugh. But,with a move to another city and a new job offer, my time has been extremely limited, and it just couldn't be helped. Which is also why it's been since November 30th since my last post. Sheesh. I'm losing all kind of traction, aren't I?

First, the back copy is what grabbed my attention. (What girl didn't once in her life dream about being super pretty and a model?) This was a clean read, but that's not to say the victim had a wonderful reputation; in fact, I wasn't too upset at all that she got knocked off right away. I didn't like her a bit. Plus one for that. D.I. Costello was a strong, articulate female lead that wasn't too overbearing. A little on the patronizing side, but still, an okay character. This book takes an inside look at what most people think is a luxurious, wonderful life without care or troubles, and shows us that perhaps all that glitters isn't gold after all, and that it's probably better off that our little girl dreams of celebrity stardom were better left unattained. Another plus for that.

I like to play a game whenever I pick up a mystery book and see if I can guess who did the victim in. I failed on this one. I so badly wanted it to be someone else, and the actual murderer to go free, that I was disappointed. Oh well. Not a big deal. I mean hey, that's just my opinion, and honestly, it doesn't matter if you share that opinion. It's just my thoughts, and that's part of the beauty of being an individual. And, while I'm on this whole individuality and freedom of speech kick, I come to the part I didn't like. The author just had to throw in a gun scene (without any purpose at all other than to chant with the rest of the haters, that guns are bad and anyone who has one has the potential to commit a heinous crime with it. Like we haven't heard that one before. And frankly, I'm tired of hearing it.) But, since guns can kill people (as can peanuts, bees, rhinos, and alcohol), we must do our civic duty and have the owner of said gun commit a crime. Just a teeny one, nothing too big, just to show how dangerous they and their owners can be. This particular scene didn't add anything to the story at all. It seemed kind of just jammed in there because someone wanted to get the point across they don't like them. So, in light of that, I walk away from this book with more negative feelings than positive.

I thank Kregel publications for giving me a free copy in exchange for my honest opinion. I love most of their books, but this one was a no-go for me. Sorry.

If you would like to purchase your own copy, you may do so here from Kregel.

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