Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Don't Judge Me.

There are some things that I immediately love, and there are some I immediately hate.

On the hate side - spiders. Just ick. Especially in the house. This freaks me out more than I'm willing to admit.

The instant love side - #ReesesSpread
Peanut Butter. Chocolate. All...mixed...together in a delicious choco-spread that will have you concocting glorious confections to make with it. If you make it that far.

Reeses Spread

Yeah. I saw the recipes. I saw the pictures.
**But I wasn't strong enough.**
I saw that adorable little jar with all that awesomeness inside, and...
I went nuts.

I ate it.
ALL of it. All by myself. I did give my kids a quick taste, but then I told them it was...well...gone.

I'm a bad, bad person. Not because I ate all of the perfection myself; okay, maybe a little because of that, but I actually hid it in the pantry and when they weren't looking, I indulged.

I used some on my celery.
 Then there were the crackers.
   Can't forget the homemade biscuits. Just yummy.
     We won't mention the carrots.
           ....hey. At least I was trying to make it halfway healthy...
 But my favorite way to munch on Reeses Spread?

I'll give you some clues:

it's white
it's normally a breakfast food
it's a Southern thing
most people don't like it to begin with

here's a quick pic...
Reeses Spread in grits
 I told you not to judge...;)
This stuff is so good, it should be a crime, and I'm positive this is going to become a habit I'm going to have trouble breaking.
Thanks #Reeses and #Influenster! 


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