Wednesday, May 22, 2013

New Wings ~ Guest Review by The Maniacal Bookworm

Movie Rating: PG-17 for very sensual circumstances
Book Rating: @@@
Swearing: None
Inappropriate Scenes: a guy tries to date-rape a girl twice
# of Pages: 221 (paperback)
Genre: YA Paranormal
Publisher: Creation House

About the Book:
"When we pray for the supernatural, why are we surprised when it actually shows up?"
Olivia Stanton always knew the Bible says guardian angels exist. But, in all her seventeen years, she assumed they only showed up when people were dying or needed rescue from sudden disaster. Her assumption is shattered with the appearance of her own guardian angel-in the form of the good-looking Mike, no less. As Olivia gets to know Mike, more and more of her misconceptions about the spiritual realm are revealed. And, as her spiritual eyes are opened to the presence of angels all around, she'll find they can be good or evil.

My Review:
Basically, there was only 2 things I didn't like. (1) The suggestive content and (2) it seemed lecture-ish (yeah, I know that's not even a word but hopefully you know what I mean). So let's talk about #1 for a moment.

The suggestive content. To me, if a guy asks you out and then tries to have his way with you on your first date DO NOT fuss at him for it and then go out with him again. Um, duh. So what if you were assigned to do a school project with him? If he says that his parents are going to be home when you're working on your project why would you trust him in the first place? I mean, obviously he was untrustworthy the first time. Why would he change? To me, rape is a touchy and uncomfortable subject. Yes, we all know that it happens, we don't need to read about in books too. There's too much of it in the nonliterary world, let's not add to it. Now let's move on to

It's not a big complaint. It just seemed that Olivia would ask too many questions and that was an opportunity for the author to prove how capable she is to author a paranormal book. But I'm sure all authors do that every now and then, so you can't really fault her for that can you? :)

What I did like was that the characters screwed up. They made mistakes. They. were. not. perfect. It was a nice change from the multitudes of books where everything was perfectly perfect. Oh, and the cover was EPIC! Love the cover. <3 I also liked how even though things were tough, Olivia didn't give up on her faith and God. Instead she was stronger. More people (including myself) can learn from Olivia in this matter. 

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