Monday, June 3, 2013

MYO - Replacing Window Screens Tutorial

Spring is here. A little cold, but it's here. And when spring rolls around, something just happens to me. Everyone in my family hates it. Like a full moon to a werewolf, spring transforms me into a different kind of beast.

A spring-cleaning beast.

It's not pretty.
I've tried to keep it from happening, but so far, I've failed miserably.
But that's okay, because actually, I like spring cleaning.

And revamping.
And purging.

And...yard sales!

I try to do this one thing at a time, but being ADHD makes that a little difficult. One moment, I'm dusting the top of the entertainment center (while hubby and son are playing a baseball game, hehehe) and the next, I'm tearing out all the old, ratty, torn-up screens in the house. I got tired of all the martyr sounds the boys were giving me so I moved onto the next project. After the dusting was finished and the entertainment center top was re-fabuloused! (Hey, what can I say? Sticks and stones, baby. Sticks and stones.)

So I thought I'd share the easy peasy screen changing steps in a quick tutorial for you. Hope you enjoy!

Old Screen

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