Monday, June 10, 2013

MYO Fruit Fly Killer

I know. What a title, right? Read on and you'll see why I chose it. I dare you.

Last week, I purchased some fresh produce so I could do some canning. (I know. It's over 100 degrees here. What in the *world* was I thinking?!)

summer squash; zucchini

Well, unfortunately, things didn't work out the way I had planned, and that same produce had to wait for me to find some time to put it up. So, two days later I was able to pull a 'I'm not going anywhere' day (I'm only allowed one of those per week, and even then it's like pulling teeth) and I got the job done.
But at a high cost.

DREADED FRUIT FLY (think scary music here...)

fruit fly

I *detest*, Hate, and DISLIKE immensely any sort of bug that's flying around inside my house. Seriously. Get out or I will kill you... (they don't call me ninja for nothing) and two I hate the most? Flies and Fruit Flies.

I hate them with a passion. I mean, let's face it. It's embarrassing when you're sitting down at the table and a fruit fly zaps around your head. Please! Kinda makes ya feel dirty or something. Even though they're a fact of country life.

Anyway, we were on the verge of a FRUIT FLY EPIDEMIC. These little nasties are everywhere. And someone's either going to go crazy trying to kill them all, or they're. Going. To. DIE.

(Seeing as how hubster likes me on the less crazy side, I chose the latter.) 

Oh yeah, they're going DOWN! And I'll tell you how I did it. Seriously easy. (<~ dear Aileen, this seriously is for you. Enjoy!) ;)

In a small container, (I used 2oz souffle cups because I have gobs of those on hand at the moment,) pour some APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. Squeeze a few drops of DISH SOAP and set them out where you've seen the little buggers.

Wait. (This step is NOT going to be easy, but you MUST do it. Trust me. You must wait for the little creeps, so my advice would be to go watch a movie. Or play a game on the computer. Or sew a new dress for you and tie for your husband. But do NOT pull your hair out. Wigs aren't cheap.)

Visit your yucky smelling cups after a little while, and voila! You will see some pretty disgusting tiny corpses scattered along the bottom. 


The fruit flies go NUTS over the apple cider vinegar. Thinking they're oh so smart they jump right in. The dish soap actually breaks down the top layer of the apple cider and the fruit flies get trapped and drown in the vinegar.

This makes me happy

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