Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New Friends

"As I went back across the street, I thought, "Maybe that grin is the start of a friendship." I had the feeling that something significant might have happened in my life-quiet but important."

A few weeks ago, a question was asked on Facebook; 

"If a stranger smiled at you, would you return the smile?" 

and I had to stop and think. My honest answer is, yes. Yes I would and I do. But more often, I'm the one instigating the action in the first place. The interesting thing to me is, the stranger's reaction.
They look startled, at first.
Then they do a double-take. Perhaps to make sure I meant it. 
When our eyes lock and my smile hasn't slipped, 
they return it. (Most of the time.)

But my favorite part is watching their eyes. 
(I'm one of those people that look straight in other's eyes.
It's just something that I've always done. I have nothing to hide, right?)
Their eyes light up and suddenly, you can just tell...

you made someone's day better.

Just by a smile.
And it was worth it. Every teeny, tiny miniscule fraction of a second.

"Our encounter didn't square with my previous notions of Norman. He was someone other than the person I had taken him to be, although who he really was remained a mystery." ~~from the book, A Man Called Norman: The Unforgettable Story of an Uncommon Friendship

Sometimes that's how the best of friends start
a smile...

I'm going to finish reading A Man Called Norman 
and make it a practice and habit to smile
more often!
Hopefully it'll make someone else's day better ~ including mine!

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