Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tolerance Should Equal Reciprocity. Not Bullying!

One morning, bright and early, my teenaged daughter received an email. She ever so kindly forwarded it to me.

And then it all hit the fan...

About one week ago, my daughter was obligated to delete a person from her Good Books for Picky Teenagers group on GoodReads. Being my daughter, she's used to rules, abiding by rules, and so, she decided it would be best to have a system of rules on her group. Nothing huge or terrible. Just the usual items.
No swearing.
No debating about anything other than book characters.
No giving out personal information.
Nothing that would stop the world and make most people cry discrimination. Let's make this a fun group, type of thing. Being a homeschooled child, she also isn't allowed on the internet without express permission after all schoolwork is finished. 
Imagine her surprise when she received a few emails from several of the people in her group complaining about one person in particular verbally attacking them. So, seeing as how it's her group and she must take care of situations that arise, I allowed her to check things out.
Early in the morning.
Before all the schoolwork was complete. 
Ha. Guess I should have thought about that one...
Anyway. This woman, who, according to her profile, was 34 years old and ended up calling everyone that didn't agree with her views on issues terrible, horrible, turn-your-face-red-and-make-you-FURIOUS type of names. She even went so far as to post pictures for everyone's enjoyment  (insert sarcasm here). Being the polite child, and rather argumentative, (this time it was totally all right with me) she proceeds to give Scriptural answers to this person, and deletes her off the group. I mean, hey. That's what the rules stated, right?
ell, evidently she struck a nerve with this woman as she received a hate-filled, knock your socks off email this morning. A week AFTER the whole issue. I haven't read such horrible language in I don't know how long. Trust me. My ears were burning, and this momma bear was READY to TURN IT ON!

fighting bears

In essence, this woman, who is certainly old enough to know better, not only told my daughter to kill herself, to do such and such (think horrible language), and that she was a (ahem, we won't go there either. It wasn't the typical swear word for a girl, either) and blah blah blah.
Her beef? She didn't like the fact that my daughter didn't agree with certain issues. She didn't like how this teenager told her something was *wrong*. So, instead of agreeing to disagree, being mature about the whole thing and allowing someone else to exercise their Freedom of Speech, she resorts to bullying, using abusive and atrocious language, and more.
Whatever happened to reciprocity? Why is it that only certain people are allowed to voice their opinions while the others must remain quiet? Doesn't sound like freedom of speech to me. Sounds more like bullying.
What's your opinion?

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