Thursday, October 10, 2013

Flashback by Kevin Mark Smith ~ Christian Book Launch + Get a chance to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card!

Christian Fiction Thriller

Flashback by Kevin Mark Smith


Wealthy attorney Kenneth Cartwright is haunted by dreams of a simpler life, one with a wife and family but absent wealth and prestige. As the angelic Stacy helps him sort through the meaning of his dreams, the most important case of his legal career implodes as the client and many involved in the case turn up dead. Will Kenneth survive the case? More important, will reality turn out to be what he expects or does God have something else in mind?



Christian Fiction Thriller Amazon Reviews

Christian Fiction Thriller
The facinating part of this story for me was the unexpected plot twists. I’m getting pretty good at figuring out the end of a story. That doesn’t keep me from enjoying the book though, because I love this type of challenge. However, this book did not go at all as I expected. And yet the story lingers in my mind. Something every author hopes for and so few succeed.”- Sharon Lavy
Some books are easily compared to others. Some authors are easily pegged. I really can’t think of any book I’ve read which brings more complexity to the story, yet does it in such a way as you can “almost” always follow it. I say the almost part with kindness. A lesser author who had the same wild imagination could have easily confused his audience beyond hope of redemption.”- Randy
Mr. Smith writes a very compelling novel.”- Victoria Pitts Caine
The story weaves its way through plot twists and turns that lead to an unexpected ending.”- Adventure Reader


Christian Fiction Thriller
Christian Fiction Thriller writer, Kevin Mark Smith, is an evangelical criminal defense and family law attorney in Wichita, Kansas. He graduated cum laude from Regent University School of Law in 1999 where he served as Issue Planning Editor for the Regent Law Review and clerked with the American Center for Law and Justice. Kevin is a former Assistant District Attorney for Sedgwick County, Kansas, and an Allied attorney with the Alliance Defending Freedom. He serves on the Kansas Board of Indigent Defense Services.

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