Monday, October 14, 2013

The Reichenbach Problem Book Review

The Reichenbach Problem by Martin Allison Booth

About the Book:

The Reichenbach Problem, by Martin Allison Booth

Arthur Conan Doyle is on the run from his own fame. Taking a much-needed holiday, Doyle escapes to a picturesque village in Switzerland nestled beneath the imposing Reichenbach Falls. There he hopes to find anonymity, but even in this beautiful rural setting, peace eludes him when he finds himself immediately recognized and involved in the investigation of a mysterious death of a fellow traveler.
All too soon, Doyle's somewhat unwilling, gentle probing into the case causes the finger of suspicion to turn towards him. But can the creator of the famous detective actually do the sleuthing himself? As Doyle learns more and more about the famous character he penned, he finds he is less like Sherlock and more like his sidekick, Watson. Can the "sidekick" see enough of the picture to solve the case for once?
Sherlock Holmes has fascinated readers since he first burst into fiction, over one hundred years ago. In this novel, the first in a trilogy, we meet his author and discover the difficult relationship between them.

My Thoughts:

This look at Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is extremely interesting. Forced to look at his own literary creation and how, if he were to actually meet Holmes, how they would view and react to each other was the satisfying premise of this book.
Well written with just the right amount of detail, Mr. Booth takes us on a most interesting and thought-provoking ride into the psyche of what Doyle might have actually been like - as well as Holmes.

Doyle is a well-mannered gentleman who has the unfortunance to be hounded by the fan - or the fanatic - Holloway who haunts his every step on his much needed vacation away from the pressures of not only his celebrity status, but also of Holmes. Unable to accomplish either, he is unwillingly swept into investigating the death of poor Mr. Brown.

Written much like Doyle's Holmes stories, I found this book to be satisfying in almost every aspect. From the scenery to the end. I would recommend this to those who loved the Holmes stories.
*I received a complimentary book in exchange for my honest opinions. I was not required they be positive.*

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