Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I Wanted a Vera

Bradley, that is.

Yes. I've wanted a new purse for a long time now, but I'm cheap. Emphasis on the first syllable. (What? There's only one? Yes. I know this. That's how cheap I am.)

Anyway, the kids and I were at our local Goodwill, and I found a purse by Vera Bradley. Now, normally, I'm not a name dropper, and it doesn't bother me to have the regular White Stag $9.99 special. I don't go buy the name brand stuff. I'm cheap, remember?

But I do like deals. And if I can get a Vera Bradley purse for a cheaper price, then hang on, because I'm running to the checkout and you don't want to be in my way! I just may snatch it out of your hands...

I'm just kidding at that part.

Seriously though, I was super excited to see a purse by V.B., and while it wasn't exactly in perfect condition, it was new to me, and it did still look pretty good. Nothing that a good washing couldn't take care of.

And then I looked at the price.


...that was my jaw...

because, even though it was at Goodwill, it wasn't cheap. And I, being the wonderful orator that I am-- *kidding*  --said in a rather shrill voice...


So I decided to take it upon myself to dust off my sewing skills and make a new purse. I was even going to go all out and sew an organizer inside, a zippered pocket that would hold necessary stuff like lotion, perfume, hairpins, aspirin, pens, and possibly a small sewing kit. (Don't judge. When that button pops off in the middle of your meeting? Yeah, the one that was keeping you modest? When it pops off, you'll be looking for me and my handy-dandy sewing kit. Haters to the left, please.)

There I was, my grandiose dreams spinning through my head, my several linings laying prostrate on my desk, the zipper having been sewn into the little hidden pocket that I was trying to imitate...

...and then reality hit. Hard.

Especially when my idea to create the coolest hidden pocket ever died right there on my sewing-desk-turned-operating-table.

I was heartbroken. It was a flop. I was going to have to cut another lining piece. Oh wait. Make that two. Well sheesh...

never mind!
And then I thought. You know, praise God that He doesn't make mistakes like we do. Yes, my hair is red and my nose looks like an oinker, and I have a birthmark right there on my...face. (Ick, I know.) And well, let's face it, there's those few pounds (yeah, like 25) that I could stand to lose...but I'm a daughter of

The King.
The Creator of the universe. Yep. I'm His child. He adopted me into His family not because I'm a beauty (HAHAHAHAHAHA...ok. Quit laughing.) and not because I'm witty, pretty, ditty, or silly, either. But because He loved me enough to die for me. And I asked Him to save me from my sins.
I asked.
And received.
How awesome is that?!

Now, dear Lord, about that Vera Bradley purse...

There once was a woman who wanted a Bradley.
She wanted it so terribly badly.
This woman went home
Her sewing skills to hone
That she wasted the day
At her desk in play.

But when that night was come, 
She needed to be done.
Because there on her desk,
Was a horrific mess.
Bits of fabric and fluff
And lots of other stuff.

This did she 
To save a penny
When all was said and done
She whined to her hun
And because she was so cheap
He went to the store without a peep
To get that woman he loved so greatly
The purse so she wouldn't go crazy.
~Amanda Stephan

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