Thursday, October 3, 2013

Love recipes? I have some FREE recipe cards for you!

If you were to look inside my kitchen cupboards, you would notice that
I'm a nut for recipes.

There isn't anything necessarily bad about that, it just takes up space and sometimes I don't use my books as often as I'd like. Because I become lazy and often revert to a much used recipe instead of seeking new and adventurous ideas to serve my family.

Don't judge. ;)

But this could be a beautiful thing for you.
Both of us, actually.

I took my favorite recipes and turned them into recipe cards so I could share them with anyone who would like to try them out.

Usually, when I go to book signings, I take these with me and pass them out, but with two cars broken down and lots of extras already on my plate, book signings just aren't happening in great amounts this year.
Meh, you take the good with the bad, right?

So here's my offer.

I want to share these recipe cards with you.

Winter Snow Fudge 

(this. is. AWESOME. Did you see the word 'fudge'?! Enough said.)

Pumpkin Muffins

(Isn't it illegal NOT to make something with pumpkin at this time of year?)

Banana Bread

See? Another MUST have for fall.

and introducing...

Grape Salad

for when you're tired of all the pumpkin, banana, and apple
recipes you're already using.
Or, when you're yearning for spring.

Leave a comment in the box below telling me which cards you would like,
your email address so I can email you for your snail mail
(written out like this - amanda38401 at gmail dot com - to fight against spam)

and that's it.

These are gifts from me to you as a thank you for visiting and for being my loyal friends.

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